My kids (Kuan Yue & Yin Lin) were sent to The Children’s Academy (TCA) since 3+ years old and they have grown up to be a discipline, well mannered as well as independent kids at primary school now. My elder one is now a school prefect at the age of 8 and well-liked by his friends as well as teachers. The Children’s Academy (TCA) has trained them very well during the childhood years to behave appropriately at different occasions/environments. As a busy working mum, I must thank everyone from TCA for bringing up my kid with lots of love, care and affection. Both of my kids also love reading since the age of 4 and this good habit has been carried on until now. They did well in their primary school exams last year and I was totally amazed with his exam results although academic achievements at this young age don’t mean much. It was a blessing to be able to send my kids to TCA since young!

Thank you to all TCA educators and staffs for your dedications and commitments!

Mrs Wee

Mother of Kuan Yue & Yin Lin

Hi! I am Jennifer. Both of my children, Zi Rou and Zher Kye grew up and studied at The Children’s Academy (TCA) in Bandar Utama. Zi Rou started in the year 2014 and followed by Zher Kye in 2016.

I have chosen TCA because it’s located near my parents’ house. However, the most important reason for choosing TCA is because their teachers really teach their children effectively in the right way. We can see the differences in our elder daughter hence we continued to send our son there.

From what we observed, aside from Mandarin, English is the main language used during their lessons hence like my son from a non-English speaking person to now speak very good English at home or in school. TCA covered all subjects relatively well as my daughter is adapting herself very well in her Primary 1 due to the strong foundation she received during her years in TCA.

As a parent, I think manners and morals are very important. Hence, I prefer my kids to grow up with good manners & behaviour instead of only focusing on their academic results. I’m glad and happy that both of my children gain all these important life-long values from TCA too! I will definitely recommend The Children’s Academy (TCA) Early Learning & Childcare Centre to my friends and families.

Thank you TCA and all the teachers for your great effort!

Ms Jennifer

Mother of Zi Rou & Zher Kye

Mr Williams & Ese

Parents of Alvin-James